Ayurveda Health Organisation

A charitable trust

Ayurveda Health Organisation is a charitable trust for spreading Ayurvedic wisdom for the benefit of humanity.

Activities of the Trust

Our principal activity is to impart the education about the healthy lifestyle, use of home remedies in case of minor ailments and practical aspects of these two factors.

The practical aspects are the following:

Making the public aware of the importance of a healthy life style and we accomplish that through public interaction and writing in the magazines and through books.

We have successfully achieved our aim through imparting this knowledge to children in schools. Children bring this education to the entire family.

Our area of work at the moment is Gharwal, where the poor people in the remote areas need this education the most as they are in many cases far away from the medical centres. Besides that, the people there have the availability of many wild medicinal plants and they are provided with other cost effective products by us like kalonji (for curing menstrual problems, Ajwain (for curing stomach problems along with lemon and rock salts), and so on.

Recognition of the plant products is very essential and we hold workshops for that. For example a wild plant giloye grows below the height of 1500 meters all over India. It is a magic plant to cure virus fevers.

Preparation of the remedies and their right doses are some other important factors for which we are providing knowledge.

We have been constantly providing herbal and food preparations to the village women to cure Leucohorea, which is a very common disorder in almost 95% women. There are two simple preparations with moong sabat and ghee; and another one with raw bananas which are also easily available in the villages.

We have been constantly giving herbal mixture of diuretic salts (Javakshar and Kalmishora in equal quantities) in Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Noida and Dunda (Gharwal) for curing kidney stones.

Our Future Activities

We aim to build several schools of Ayurveda and a living museum of Ayurveda. These will impart practical education in preventive medicine and lifestyle to people in following ways.

We would like to have teaching programmes for Ayurvedic skill development. After their school education in one year, the young people will be able to make their living with diverse Ayurvedic methods like teaching lifestyle (dincharya, ritucharya etc.), Doing massage and other anointing methods, making spice mixtures and above all teaching Ayurvedic cooking.

Regarding Ayurvedic cooking, there are further possibility of generating employment by making rejuvenating spice mixtures which are the result of Dr. Verma’s decades of research and are published in her book Ayurveda Food Culture and Recipes.

We would do workshops and seminars for allopathic doctors with the aim of reducing heavy prescription of drugs and using soft methods relating to lifestyle and Ayurvedic home remedies.

One of our principal aims is to help village women with cost-effective remedies and teach the women’s group in this school how to make home remedies to regulate menstruation, cure leucorrhoea, pregnancy problems and other problems related to women’s health.