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The World of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Yoga

It is important for human beings to integrate Ayurveda in their lives, as it is the greatest of the preventive medicine from the ancient world.

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This simple spice mixture seen in a metal tray can make your stiff body flexible and help you get rid of the precursor for arthritis, that is, vata imbalance in the body.

Guess what are these spices?
The preparation is called Chaturbeej Churan. It is a wonder preparation for your household apothecary. Find hundreds of such simple home-remedies in our books. Change your life, restore your health with simple Ayurvedic remedies and other related methods and save yourself from poisonous drugs, which ultimately will harm you and may destroy your body organs. Think of the fact how many people are suffering from kidney failures, heart attacks and diabetes. After old age, death is inevitable but invest in your health each day so that you have a ‘good death’, just like a deep slumber and not in a hospital due to an organ failure. After youth, we can attain either vridha avastha (old and healthy state) or jara avastha (old in a state of ill health). Do everything in your life to attain vridha avastha and not jara.

Our Motto

'Be old and wise and not old and senile'

(Cited from: Ayurveda: A way of Life)

Magic of Eleven: A tea for rejuvenation

This is a great food supplement to give you power for the day and to enhance your immune system. According to Ayurvedic principles, enhancing ojas (immunity and vitality) is the most important preventive and anti-ageing factor. Take tea twice a day from it and feel different. You will realise the power of food supplements from the energy you will get from this tea.

A Himalayan Wonder: A divine rasayana from Nature

When we made Dvatrinshati and tried it as a high-energy food supplement and anti-ageing product, its effect on the body was so great that Professor Dharmanand Sharma named it as a Divya Rasayana (Divine Ojas-enhancing food-supplement). Not only it gives you youthful energy, but also it brings you a sense of contentment and cheerfulness.

About our other self-help products

Our self-help products are meant to detoxify the body and help enhance the vital functions of various organisms. There are number of rasayanas or the ojas enhancing food supplements. All this enables the body to ward off ailments and works wonderfully preventive.
There are food supplements to enhance the functions of individual organisms of the body. Supplements are given with special dietary prescriptions to ward off ailments and to keep the optimum level of energy.

Prevention of ailments and anti-ageing measures are our two main themes. Besides that, we have various external methods of relieving pain with household remedies. Our entire range of products goes with the holistic lifestyle and therefore, we consider that the fundamental education for lifestyle is equally essential as the detoxification and rejuvenating products. You have to learn to maintain the body and mind pure, as well as supplement the body with balanced and correct nutrition in coordination with space and time.

Here are some more nutrition supplements and other self-help products available with us on special orders.