Programme for 2018

January: Junior Ayurveda Assistant, Distant learning teaching.
March: Teaching programmes in our Himalayan Centre. A special emphasis is also to teach school children of 11th and 12 the class for Ayurvedic basic wisdom and to open their minds to nature around them.
May-July: Seminars and consultations in Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Germany.
28 to 29 May: Slovenia. One day workshop on Dementia Prevention at Dom upokojencev Petra Uzarja.
Contact: Director: Anamarija Kejzar,

30-31 May: in Vienna, Austria on: Ayurveda for health and vigour
1 to 5 June: Retreat and lectures in Brno, in Czech Republic organised by DAY SPA SHOP
Contact: Milica Hajnov√°

6 to 17 June: Dresden Retreat, lectures, cooking classes and private sessions.
Contact: Dr. Verma

Ayurveda Retreat and Workshop in Germany onStrengthening body and Mind with Ayurveda and methods of Healing with food.

6-10 June, 2018
For information and registration, contact Dr. Verma at: or through whatsapp 00919873704205
Retreat is from 6 June, 6 PM (18h) to 10 June till noon (12h).

The Four-day programme will include the following:
  1. Practice of Ayurveda with delicious Ayurvedic meals
  2. Methods to reach a state of happiness and satisfaction
  3. Purification of the body by daily detoxification
  4. Relaxation of the body with self-massage
  5. Some simple yogic methods for enhancing circulation
  6. Management of some common ailments with simple methods

Food as healer is the principal theme of this retreat.
You will learn how you can cure your constipation, sleep problems, cold hands and feet, skin rash and many minor but nagging health problems simply by alternating and enriching your food.

18 to 21 June: Private sessions in Freiburg
August: Distant learning education for Junior Ayurveda Assistant
10-11 October: Frankfurt book fair and book release function in Germany
November: Education in our Himalayan Centre
December-January: Distant Learning education for Junior Ayurveda Assistant.